Agenda: November 17th 2015


  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Co-option of new members
  3. Requests for dispensations.
    The Clerk to report any requests received since the previous meeting for dispensations to speak and/or vote on any matter where a member has a disclosable pecuniary interest.
  4. Declaration of Interest
    To receive declarations by elected and co-opted members of interest in respect of items on this Agenda.
  5. Public Section – 7pm – 7.30pm – an opportunity for members of the public to address the Parish Council on matters of concern, to be placed on the agenda of a future meeting.
  6. Minutes of the last meeting. – held on 20th October 2015 and previously circulated
  7. Matters Arising from the minutes not covered on this Agenda.
  8. Police Report – to receive a report from the Community Police Officer
  9. Community Centre:
  10. Clerk’s Report on Windfarm Meeting with Infinergy 22nd October 2015
  11. Windfarm Committee
  12. Christmas Tree- Date of Light-up and arrangements
  13. Correspondence.
  14. Planning Matters.
  15. Finance
  16. Precept
    Cheques to be issued

Date and time of next meeting – Tuesday 19th January 2016 at 7.00pm.