Financial Information

Information relating to the Parish Council’s accounts for the year ended 31st March 2018 can be viewed  by clicking on the link below:

Broughton Moor Parish Council Audit 2017-18

Information relating to the Parish Council’s accounts for the year ended 31st March 2019 can be viewed by clicking on the link below

BMPC Bank Reconciliation 2018 – 19

Broughton Moor Parish Council Audit information for year ending 31st March 2019



The Parish Council sets its budget for the year in November/December to plan for spending in the next financial year.  In November 2015 the following budget was agreed and the precept (the amount the Parish Council has to work with during the year) was set accordingly.  Any items of expenditure must be planned in advance and included in the budget.   The budget figures for the financial year April 2016 to March 2017 is shown below.

Broughton Moor Parish Council

PRECEPT 2016 – 2017


  Budget 2016/17
Cleaning and Decoration



Repairs and Renewal 200.00
Total expenditure 700.00
Grass cutting to Parish Land 2000.00
Work on Open Spaces 1500.00
Play Equipment 1000.00
Repairs and Maintenance 200.00
Public seats, repairs and decor 200.00
Grit Bins 100.00
Gate Repair 200.00
Total expenditure 5200.00
Repairs and Maintenance 1200.00
Electricity and Gas 1500.00
Total Expenditure 2700.00
British Legion 40.00
School 300.00
Old People’s Welfare Fund 250.00
Cuddly Koalas 300.00
Church/Chapel 500.00
Air Ambulance 50.00
Parish Newsletter 135.00
Christmas Tree Project 250.00
Total Expenditure 1825.00



  Budget 2016/17
Parish Clerk 4350.00
Miscellaneous 100.00
Postage and Stationary 200.00
Local Council Insurance 1400.00
CALC 225.00
Audit Fee 250.00
Chairman’s Allowance 200.00
PAYE 872.00
Web Site 50.00
Total Expenditure 7647.00





  Budget 2016/17
Bus Shelters 700.00
Parks and Open Spaces 5200.00
Community Centre 2100.00
Donations/Projects 1825.00
General Administration 7647.00
TOTAL 18072.00


The Parish Council set a precept of £15,200 which it has claimed from Allerdale Borough Council, the remainder of the planned expenditure will be taken from Parish Council reserves.