Minutes April 2015

CHAIRMAN: Mrs C Ferguson CLERK: Mrs J Sorensen

Minutes of the Meeting of Broughton Moor Parish Council held at 7:00pm on Tuesday 21st April, 2015.

Present: Cllrs C Ferguson, A Tyson, D Sharp, R Ives and T Armstrong. County Councillors K Little. Mrs J Sorensen, clerk, was also in attendance.

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs E Martin, M Harrison and C. McCarron Holmes.

139/14 The chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

140/14 Public Section
No members of the public attended the meeting.

141/14 Approval of Minutes of the last meeting.
On the proposal of Cllr D Sharpe, seconded by Cllr A Tyson, the Minutes of the meeting held on 24th March 2015 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

142/14 Matters arising from the Minutes

i) An estimate had been received from Messrs Ashcrofts to install a new concrete based seat on Seaton Road. It was agreed that two more estimates be sought; the Chairman is to request an estimate from Messrs Minshaw and the Vice-chairman is to request an estimate from Mr J Rice.

ii) The Clerk had contacted Messrs Stobbarts regarding the delay in replacing the bus shelter roof and was informed that Stobbarts were awaiting the services of the professional asbestos removers.

iii) Cllr Little reported that he had referred the request from the school for financial assistance in refurbishing the locker room to the County Council. The matter was deferred by the Parish Council awaiting the outcome of the CCC request.

143/14 Police Matters

No police officer was present.

144/14 Correspondence
i) A letter had been received from Infinergy concerning the wind turbine development at Fox House Farm, requesting that the Parish Council consider taking on the administration of a community fund. It was agreed that this be accepted. Clerk to arrange a meeting between Parish Council and Infinergy to discuss details.

145/14 Planning

146/14 Sale of Southfield Farm
This matter was deferred to a future meeting.

147/14 Bus Services through Broughton Moor
It was reported that this seems to be going well.

148/14 Tennis Courts
Following discussion, the clerk was instructed to contact ABC for advice on the possibility of using this piece of land as a municipal burial ground.

149/14 Purchase of new bin for Welfare Field
An estimate of £605 had been received from ISS for the supply and installation on a concrete base of a secure metal bin. Clerk to contact ISS for more details.

150/14 Finance
Cheques issued:

101225 D Towers, Boiler repairs 237.17
101348 Mrs C Ferguson, Chairman’s expenses 200.00
101349 EON Gas and Electricity, Community Centre 539.38
101351 J Sorensen (Salary and expenses) 365.22
101352 HMRC 65.60
101354 Tannahill Reay (Notice board for welfare field) 96.00

Date and time of next meeting: Tuesday 26th May 2015 at 7:00pm

The meeting closed at 8:05pm.