Minutes : October 2015

CHAIRMAN: Mrs C Ferguson CLERK: Mrs J Sorensen

Minutes of the Meeting of Broughton Moor Parish Council held at 7:00pm on Tuesday
20th October, 2015.

Present: Cllrs C Ferguson, A. Tyson, C Thinnesen, T Armstrong, J Berry, E Martin,
R Ives and County Cllr K. Little.

PCSO Sarah Brown and Mrs J. Sorensen, Parish Clerk were also present.

Apologies for absence were received from M Harrison, D Sharp, C McCarron-Holmes.

31/15 Declarations of Interest
There were no requests for dispensations or declarations of interest.

32/15 Co-option of new member
Mr John Berry was proposed by Cllr C Ferguson, seconded by Cllr R Ives and unanimously co-opted to be a member of the Parish Council. Cllr J Berry signed his declaration of acceptance of office.

33/15 Public Section
No members of the public were present.

34/15 Police report
PCSO Brown spoke to her written report which gave details of five incidents in the village since the last parish council meeting.
The Clerk asked PCSO Brown for advice on a risk assessment for the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and was advised that the school is responsible for ensuring that any children brought by the school are adequately supervised and that Allerdale B C can give further advice on risk assessment. Clerk to contact school and ABC in this regard.

35/15 Approval of Minutes of the last meeting.
On the proposal of Cllr E Martin, seconded by Cllr R Ives, the Minutes of the meeting held on 8th September 2015 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

36/15 Matters arising from the Minutes
The Clerk confirmed that the meeting with Infinergy was 22nd October 2015 at 2.00pm, as notified in the minutes of the previous meeting. Before reading emails received from Infinergy, the Clerk reminded the Chairman that the Parish Council has a code of conduct and that the clerk is an employee of the parish council and, in view of the events at the previous parish council meeting, she wished the Chairman to take note that bullying of an employee is not permitted. The Clerk then read emails received from Infinergy stating that Cllr C Ferguson had contacted them directly on 22nd September requesting confirmation of the date of the meeting as she was unsure that this was likely to take place. Cllr Ferguson had also asked about the situation with the turbines and the community benefits although this was scheduled to be on the Agenda for the meeting on 22nd October. Cllr Ferguson had telephoned Infinergy again on 20th October asking whether the Infinergy representatives were going to be in attendance at the Parish Council meeting that evening and was reminded that the meeting with Infinergy was scheduled for 22nd October. The Clerk informed the meeting that these telephone calls from the Chairman were jeopardising the arrangements already made and asked that the Chairman should not contact Infinergy again. Cllr T Armstrong proposed that in future all meetings and arrangements be made solely through the clerk with the agreement of the whole parish council and without interference from the chairman. This proposal was seconded by Cllr E Martin and resolved.

Land at Southfield Farm – no further progress to date; local residents are monitoring the situation. It was agreed that, for the time being, this item should be included on every agenda of the parish council. Cllr T Armstrong reported that there had been an invasion of horsetails on Seaton Road which were becoming a trip hazard – Cllr Martin had reported this to ABC.

Cllr R Ives reported that a permissive footpath on land which is for sale, may be under threat. Cllr A Tyson advised Cllr R Ives to contact Mr G Timperley at CCC for advice.

37/15 Clerk’s report on Windfarm Meeting held 15th September 2015
The clerk presented her report which was received.
38/15 Election of Representatives to Windfarm Committee
It was resolved that Cllrs J Berry, R Ives, E Martin and C Thinnesen be elected to replace Cllr C Ferguson and Cllr A Tyson on this committee with immediate effect and that the Parish Clerk should be part of this committee as administrator; all five members to be signatories on the account. Cllr J Berry volunteered to approach three people from the village to participate in this committee, this was agreed. The Chairman handed the cheque book and paying in book to the Clerk.

39/15 Christmas Tree
It was agreed that a Christmas Tree be ordered from Mr Pattinson again this year, to be sited in the grounds of Stone House, subject to permission from the owner, Mr D Waugh. Cllr A Tyson to order the tree. Clerk to purchase two further sections of tree lights.

40/15 Correspondence
Notification was received from ABC that Broughton Lodge site will not be listed as an Asset of Community Value on the grounds that it is mainly agricultural.

41/15 Planning Matters
Planning Ref 2/2015/0148
Appeal by Mr R Manchester re Moorside Farm, Blooming Heather/ Dearham, Maryport.

It was noted that the Parish Council’s objections will stand.

Cllr A Tyson expressed concern that felling of trees on Line Foot Road and the road to Maryport was likely to be detrimental to wildlife habitat.

42/15 Financial Matters

The report of Conclusion of Audit was accepted.
Cheques issued and approved:

101375 Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 40.00
101376 ISS Landscaping 261.82
101377 J Sorensen (Salary and quarterly expenses) 365.02
101378 HMRC 65.80

Date and time of next meeting: Tuesday 17th November 2015 at 7:00pm

The meeting closed at 8:30pm.